Thumb Fiber & Folk Art Festival

Thumb Fiber & Folk Art Festival Workshops

You must pre-register for workshops by October 1st so that instructors have adequate time to prepare supplies for the number of students coming.


NOTE:  All workshops have closed but if you are very interested in joining a workshop, please email Jean at 

Friday Workshops

Friday 10am-4pm Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom (#102101)
October 21, 2022
Instructor: Anne Tullett, of Luxury Natural Fibers

Skill Level – Beginner
Learn how to thread up a loom, wind yarn onto a shuttle and start weaving.  You will make a scarf or a table runner, and learn how to finish it.  Yarns will be available or bring your own, preferably medium DK or light worsted weight, as many colors as you like! You are encouraged to bring a rigid heddle loom in good working condition; however, we will have looms available for use if needed. 

Maximum 5 students (Minimum 3)
All day class with lunch break
Tuesday is for Beginners, a Wednesday workshop is available for Advanced Beginner or Intermediate weavers.

Workshop fee: $90 per student includes material fees.

Instructor will provide handouts, warping tools, shuttles and looms if necessary. We will give group and individual instructions where needed. Yarn will be available.
Students may bring their own looms in good working condition. Students may bring worsted weight yarn for the project. A skein would be good, you’ll have leftovers. Most importantly bring a desire to learn.

Friday – 10:00am-4:00pm Tapestry Weaving (#102102)  
October 21, 2022
Instructor: Ruthanne Morningstar

This workshop is focused on Tapestry Weaving.  Techniques include warping your loom, color changes, interlocking, diagonal and vertical weaving. Instructor will share techniques, tips and tricks learned while working extensively with Master Navajo Weavers.

Instructor supplies all materials which include looms, weaving beaters, warp and weft yarns and handouts with recommended list of weaving books.

Workshop limit: 15 maximum – 6 minimum
Workshop Fee: $90 which includes loom, weaving beater, warp and weaving yarns and handouts.

Friday 9am-12pm Peg Loom Throw Rug (#102103)
October 21, 2022
Instructor:  Ellen Zawada

A peg loom is a simple weaving loom suitable for experts, beginners, and even young children.  Turn your yarn, fiber, fabric, and even plarn into usable objects such as rugs, scarves, potholders, and even sleeping mats.  Do you have bags of old sheets, rags, or fiber from your favorite animals sitting around?  With just a little bit of creativity you can turn it into a lovely item.  

During this class we will learn how to prepare, weave, and finish your rug.  We will discuss different fibers, and how they can be utilized to make items for your home.  Each student will go home with their own finished 20”x28” throw rug. 

Workshop limited to 5 students.  Skill level Beginner Teen-Adult.
Workshop fee $100
Instructor provides all materials 

Friday 9am-12pm Basic Boot Socks Knitting (#102104)
October 21, 2022
Instructor: Melanie Dara

This is a basic worsted weight toe up boot sock. Minimal skills needed: knit and purl stitch. Skills planned to cover: use of DPNs (double pointed needles, prefer wood or bamboo for beginners); provisional cast on (toe up sock); will explain various component options of toes, heels and cuffs and differences between top down and toe up sock options but this workshop will cover basic squared toe up, fleegle heel and 2×2 ribbing. 

Workshop limited to 5 students.
Workshop fee $20

Students should bring: 3.25 mm DPNs (double pointed needles, for those familiar with magic loop, I can only offer pattern assistance, but please bring your 3.25 mm cable needles if you choose), 100 g worsted weight yarn main color for sock body and 50 g worsted weight for complimentary toe, heel and cuff (I’ve had good results with Lion Brand Wool Ease because sons will not hand wash and this holds up well after repeated machine washing and drying).

Optional materials: mid-sized crochet hook for provisional cast on, tape measure or ruler, scissors, yarn/tapestry needle. I will have extras of these items. If these are for someone besides yourself, take foot length measurement.

Friday – 9am-11pm Beginning Crochet Make a Phone Case (#102105)
October 21, 2022
Instructor: Althea Oullette

Have you been wanting to learn how to crochet? Now’s your chance. Learn basic crochet as you make your own phone case. You will learn to chain, single crochet, half double & double crochet. How to keep edges even and joining. 

Workshop limited to 5 students
Workshop fee $35.

Students bring size I or J crochet hook and worsted weight yarn, about half a skein (@ 2oz)

Friday – 9am-12pm Crazy Chickens – Beg. Needle Felting  (#102109)
October 21, 2022
Instructor: Tina Etter

Have you ever wanted a flock of CHICKENS but the neighbors wouldn’t hear of it! Wll, here’s your opportunity to start a flock of your very own. Tall or short, Rhode Island Rd or Leghorn we will be building a standing chicken on a weighted base. Bring your imagination and we will fly together!

Workshop limited to 12 students
Workshop fee $50. Includes all materials needed.
Students are not required to bring anything, but you can bring your favorite felting needles and pad if you like.

Friday – 9am-12pm Pin Loom Weaving (#102106)  
October 21, 2022
Instructor: Miranda Howard, Howard Knit Knacks

Get weaving with a simple pin loom! Bring your own or a 4×4 loom & yarn or they will be supplied for your use during the workshop. Pin looms are wonderful hand-held looms that can quickly create mug rugs, or stitch them together to create scarf, wrap, etc. you can even create little animals out of finished 4×4 woven material!

Workshop limited to 4 students
Workshop fee $50

Includes instruction sheet for basic weave pattern, perhaps designed square, yarn & looms to use if you don’t have one. Let us know when you sign up if you’ll need to borrow one of ours so we can have enough for everyone. 

Friday – 12pm-4pm Lace Sock Knitting (#102107) 
October 21, 2022
Instructor:  Melanie Dara

We will be making what the designer calls “an adventurous beginner level” lace sock. Pattern selected is a free pattern found on Ravelry. Sprung Socks designed by Theresa Walunas. Minimal skills needed: knit and purl stitch. Should be comfortable with double pointed needles (DPNs) or magic loop on cable. Skills planned to cover: reading a lace chart; special stitches (K2Tog, K3Tog, SSK, SSP, SSSP, YO); provisional cast on (toe up sock)

Workshop limited to 5 students.
Workshop fee $20

Students should bring: DPNs, pattern calls for size 1 needles (2.25mm), I am a tight knitter and personally use size 2.75mm (for those familiar with magic loop, I can only offer pattern assistance, but please bring your 2.25 mm cable needles if you choose), 100 grams of sock weight yarn (typically near 400 yards, you will have yarn left over.) Suggest not choosing a self-striping yarn as lace design gets lost with strong color changes. 
Optional materials: mid-sized crochet hook for provisional cast on, tape measure or ruler, scissors, yarn/tapestry needle, 2 stitch markers. I will have extras of these items. If these are for someone besides yourself, take foot length measurement.

Friday – 1pm-4pm Basket Weaving (#102108)
October 21, 2022
Instructors:  Nicola Danks 

Always wanted to learn how to weave a basket? Join us to learn the basics of basket weaving as you make your own basket to take home. Instructions and materials will be supplied.  

Workshop size: 8 maximum
Workshop fee: $50

Instructor supplies: Instructions and basket making materials.
Student supply list: coming soon

Saturday Workshops

Saturday – 9am-4pm Learn to Spin Workshop (#102201)

October 22, 2022
Instructor: Anne Tullett, Luxury Fibers 

Learn to make your own yarn from roving (washed and combed fiber).  You will go home with one or two skeins of your own hand spun yarn.  Spinning wheels and roving available.  You are welcome to bring your own roving.

Workshop limited to 5 students, skill level – beginning.
Workshop fee is $90 includes material fee.

Saturday – 9am-4pm Fair Isle Knitting (#102207)

October 22, 2022


Instructor: Kathy Groustra


FAIR ISLE or two hand knitting is a true Scottish way of knitting, many other

countries have also used the two-hand techniques for their patterns and motifs. Yes, two hands, 10

fingers. you will learn the relaxing ways to hold the yarn in both hands and still keeping your yarn



We will also work from a chart; this gives you a clear view of what the pattern will look like. and we will

discuss ways of keeping your place. Bring sticky notes.

We will be making a simple head band to get you started on your way to Fair Isle.

For this class, please bring worsted weight yarn in light colors.

For homework and practice you will need to bring three colors of worsted weight yarn

1. Set circular needles in a size to meet gage probably a size 7 or 8 and a 32 to 40” very flexible


2. Cast on 40 sts

For the Headband project you should bring worsted weight yarn in 3 different light colors, size 7 or 8

circular needle 32” to 40” with flexible cable, and stitch markers.

Cast on 80 sts, join in the round be careful not to twist.

Row 1. knit to marker

Row 2. K2, P2 across the row with the main color (MC) end row with P2


Workshop limited to 6 students.

Workshop fee is $85.

Saturday – 9am-12pm Weave a Mug Rug (#102202)
October 22, 2022


Instructor: Ruthanne Morningstar  

Nobody ever has enough Mug Rugs. So, bring your creativity and learn to make something that’s uniquely yours. Best of all, you get to keep the handmade wooden loom!

Students need to bring scissors and creativity. Instructor brings everything else!
Instructor Supplies all materials which includes wooden loom, beater, all warp and weft weaving yarns and weaving handout.

Workshop size: 15 students maximum (minimum 6)
Workshop Fee: $60  which includes wooden loom, weaving beater and all yarns and handout.

Saturday – 9am-12pm Sheep of a Different Color – Beg. Needle Felting (#102209)
October 22, 2022
Instructor: Tina Etter

Skip the dye day, start your own flock of amazing multi colored sheep. Learn a technique for applying a full woolly coat to your new baby. Of course, this might make baby a little too full bodied to stand on these little spindly legs; but, that’s ok when you’re this fluffy and adorable!

Workshop size: 12 students maximum
Workshop Fee: $50  includes all materials needed.
Students are not required to bring anything, but you can bring your favorite felting needles and pad if you like.

Saturday – 9am-12pm Park and Draft Drop Spindle and Chain Plying Workshop (#102203)
October 22, 2022

Instructor:  Melanie Dara


Beginner level drop spindle class. Will be teaching Park & Draft method of spinning a single ply. Skills taught: attaching a leader, half-hitch for spindles with no hook, pre-drafting fiber for success, adding new fiber, winding single off of your spindle into a center pull ball, use of a lazy kate for plying. (Will be using my lazy kate and simple lazy kate made from shoe box.) Before class is over, we will take this single and chain ply it. Class fee includes fiber for spinning and enough to take home to continue practicing.

Workshop is limited to 5 students.
Workshop fee is $30

Students should bring: A drop spindle. Many of the vendors at the festival will have drop spindles available. Beginner drop spindle should be in the 2-3 oz range. If purchasing one, I’d suggest nothing fancy or expensive until you know you like spinning. Also, it’s called a drop spindle for a good reason! Center spindle below perfect for beginner. Too light or too heavy will impede learning.

Saturday – 9am-12pm Basic Broom Making  (#102204)    
October 22, 2022

Instructor: Nancy Binkowski

Each participant makes 3 brooms. a pot scrubber, a small whisk and a hearth or camper broom.  If there is time and they are enjoying the workshop. I provide all supplies and materials. 

Workshop size: 6 maximum Students need to be over 12 years old.
Workshop fee: $60

Instructor supplies all supplies.

Saturday – 9am-12pm Advanced Knitting Techniques (#102208)
October 22, 2022

Instructor: Ashley Reif

This course will cover various advanced knitting techniques to add to your tool belt. We will look at cast-on and bind-off pairs, the use of a selvedge stitch, how to use a Russian join, and how to work a Kitchner Stitch. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of knitting. This is not a beginners course.

Please bring:
1. Favorite set of needles
2. Solid, light colored yarn of your choice. We will only need enough for a piece the size of a normal swatch.
3. Yarn Needle

I will have for you to use:
Yarn needles
Scrap Yarn
Extra knitting needles

Workshop size: 10 maximum Students
Workshop fee: $50

Saturday – 1pm-4pm Fiber Preparation (#102205) 
October 22, 2022
Instructor: Ruthanne Morningstar

Do you know the difference between Woolen and Worsted prepared fibers? Find out and learn many different fiber preparations too! In this workshop you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to use a Flicker, Hand Carders, Large and Small Combs, and a Drum Carder. And if there’s time, we’ll discuss different washing techniques.

Class limit 15 – Minimum 6. 
Class fee $25.00 which includes Wool fibers locks and rovings, angora, alpaca, and dyed locks.


Saturday – 1pm-4pm Soap Making (#102106)
October 21, 2022
Instructors:  Nicola Danks

You will learn all about soap making in this hands-on workshop. An easy process that you can do at home. You will actually be making the soap. So, you will have your own  handmade  soap to take home and cure. Along with the recipe and know how to do it yourself.  

Workshop size: 8 maximum
Workshop fee: $40

Instructor supplies: Instructions and all materials to make the soap.