Equestrian Overnight Camp

Equestrian Camp

2nd-12th grade
Come join us at camp for an exciting week full of horses and fun! Campers will expand their horsemanship knowledge while enjoying time with friends!

Quick Info

Our Equestrian Program creates atmosphere for campers to expand their horsemanship knowledge while having lots of fun! We designed our program for campers who LOVE horses! We added even more ways for riders to spend more time with the horses and gain hands on experience with their care! 

From beginners to advanced riders, our program will continue to offer the combination of well instructed English and/or western riding lessons focusing on the fundamentals of horse and rider. Each camper will participate in 45 minutes to an hour long on-horse lesson aimed at increasing their confidence while advancing their individual skill level.

Ground classes will be aimed at building the basic knowledge in all different areas of horsemanship using a combination of hands-on, and fun on the ground activities. Campers will also get to choose other exciting options each day like giving a horse a bath, braiding manes, or role playing a horse emergency! Our program is designed to give campers at all levels of riding the chance to increase confidence in their abilities and gain new skills.

Our equestrian staff are trained and experienced to teach a wide range of riders. Young beginners play mounted games and get to learn all about their favorite horses, while others may learn to post, trot, or canter. More advanced riders may get to jump or do speed patterns. We feel strongly that our campers should not only learn to ride a horse, but also to grow, have compassion for the animal, and understand the responsibilities that come with ownership!

Daily chores, feeding, grooming, and tacking their own horse will all be part of the experience.


Our goal is to make a fun and knowledgeable experience for your child to learn and grow confident as an equestrian.


Typical Schedule

Every day is broken up into a combination of activity periods, meal times, special activities, and more! 

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Kapers

9:00 Horse Stable

12:00 Lunch & Mail Call

12:45 Rest Time

1:45 General Swim or Crafts

3:15 Clean up/Change Clothes

 3:45 Cabin Activity

4:45 Clean up for Dinner 

5:00 Dinner

5:45 Cabin Council Meeting & Free Time

6:30 Evening Activity

7:45 Snack & Cabin Time 

9:00-10:00 Lights Out

Your child deserves an amazing summer.
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