Bit of Everything Camp

Bit of Everything Camp

2nd-12th grade
We believe that it is important to have both structured and free choice programs. Counselors will help guide the campers to choose a variety of activities that will challenge them to explore their world, learn new skills, and set higher goals for themselves, all while having fun! 

Quick Info

Tree Climbing

Have a great time swinging in the trees and exploring the tree top canopy! Attend more classes to advance to greater tree challenges including swinging in a hammock, tree to tree transfers, or even flips! Campers are always supervised by a certified instructor.


At the waterfront, you might try swimming or kayaking near the shore! You can explore the beach, dig for our shipwreck (the Kate Richmond), look for fossils and rocks, or build sand castles! We always have a lifeguard on duty when campers are in the water.


Learn fun ways to use experiments to solve problems or prove your ideas! We might build bridges and test them, sort metals with magnets, mix substances to create chemical reactions, or even pull the DNA out of strawberries!

Adventures in the Outdoors

Sign up for stream exploration, learn to track animals, or try your hand at slingshot!

Nature Center

In our Yurt, you can work with microscopes and science kits to explore camp and learn more about nature! Identify fossils, look at microorganisms, and see our lake from down under!

Wood Craft

Learn to hammer, measure, sand and other general woodworking skills!

Camp Animals

Spend time with our adorable animals up close. You’ll get a chance to see and learn how to take care of different animals, such as alpacas,  rabbits, turtles, kittens, pigs, and fish. All of the animals are friendly and lovable!

Horseback Riding

Every camper gets to go to the stables to receive a horseback ride around the ring. The camp provides helmets, but please wear pants/jeans for safety and comfort.

Counselor's Choice

These  fun classes are our counselor’s favorites! You might learn to speak in another language, create a dance, build a raft, or learn to juggle!

Craft Cabin

In our creative Craft Cabin, you can make all kinds of crafty things! Try jewelry making, leather art, nature printing, painting, and friendship bracelets!

Camper's Choice

Our Camper Council will gather your ideas and call for a vote! Our counselors will help make it happen!


You can also visit the camp store, try cooking, sing at a campfire, hike up the stream, play games, or get muddy! Your counselor will help you get all settled in and make sure you have lots of fun!

Typical Schedule

Every day is broken up into a combination of activity periods, meal times, special activities, and more! 

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Kapers

9:00 Activity Block 1

10:00 Activity Block 2

11:00 Activity Block 3

12:00 Lunch & Mail Call

12:45 Rest Time

1:45 General Swim or Crafts

3:15 Clean up/Change Clothes

3:45 Cabin Activity

4:45 Clean up for Dinner 

5:00 Dinner

5:45 Cabin Council Meeting & Free Time

6:30 Evening Activity

7:45 Snack & Cabin Time 

9:00-10:00 Lights Out

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